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          1. pexels-kyle-loftus-3379934

            ACTRA deploys $1 million in support of action plan

            The actors’ union’s strategy to counter what it sees as union-busting includes legal action, government relations and organizing efforts.

            Post Consumer Brands nada-TORONTO WELCOMES THE WORLD-S FIRST W

            Why Shreddies opened up a ‘wheat dispensery’

            Post is playing with conventions in nnabis marketing and retail to grab attention among a younger consumer.


            Domino’s Pizza taps Lg2 as its nadian AOR

            The agency will lead creative and strategy for the pizza QSR, which is looking to grow its business in this market.


            Moosehead goes after the beer leagues instead of the major leagues

            Rec teams a shot at sponsorship in the brewer’s biggest mpaign for its Radler.


            Lessons from a media leader turned tech consultant

            In an exclusive column for strategy, Alex Panousis shares dedes of observations around what makes a digital leader.


            Lg2 wins two Grand Prix at Idea Awards

            Glassroom, Tonic DNA and Principal were also among those winning the top prize across different tegories.

            Alicia Petralia

            Zulu Alpha Kilo launches media offering

            Alicia Petralia has been hired to lead Zulumatic Media, which is connecting media to the creative process.


            How online reviews drive in-store purchases

            ddle analyzed thousands of reviews from Walmart. to see the impact user content has on decision-making.

            NFA PR Team 4

            NFA bolsters its burgeoning PR practice

            The agency has hired three new talents while promoting a leader internally to meet rising demand from both new and existing clients.

            Kruger Products L-P--Announcing the All Star st for the shme

            Kruger puts a divine spin on its annual fundraiser

            The shmere Collection is being shown off in-person again with a focus on post-pandemic resilience and compassion.


            Indigo’s dramatic profit pivot is marked with digital best practices

            On the eve of its 25th birthday, the retailer’s chief tech exec shares how it turned its business around after two years of plummeting revenue.


            If CMOs value innovation, why are so few good at it?

            Dentsu found that there are too many internal challenges to keep pace, among other things keeping marketers up at night.


            Will staffs up its creative and production teams

            The agency’s new talents include a CD and production leader to meet demand from an expanding roster of clients.


            Amex puts members ‘front and centre’ of in-person experiences

            The return of concerts and travel gives the credit rd a chance to show off its rewards.